and toys

It all started in 2013 or 2014, when Vijay's cousin, Vipin who works for a travel company, took a family from Romania to see some waterfalls around Khajuraho. On the way Vipin also took them to a small village, Ghunga, located around 20 km away from Khajuraho.

Magdalena's family was struck by how poor the villagers looked, and it made them want to do something to help them. Vipin himself had wanted to help poor people for a few years, so he agreed on a small partnership with the family. After they got back to their country, life got in the way so the project took quite a while to finalise, but eventually in May 2015 Magdalena sent a few parcels to Vipin, with clothes, biscuits and chocolates for the village children...

Later, Magdalena contacted a friend of hers, Anisa, a healthcare economist working for a rehabilitation institute in Romania, who was interested in this mission. So she contacted Vipin in January 2016 by email, then she organised a collect amongst her acquaintances and colleagues, and sent him 50 kg of clothes, shoes and toys for deprived children.

That was when Vipin told Vijay about his charitable project, and a few days later the two cousins drove together to another village, Kundarpura (7 km away from Khajuraho) for another distribution action.

Not all the material could be distributed in one go, so the action was repeated again on 14 February, still in Kundarpura.


More recent clothing distributions on our blog.

If you too wish to support us or to send us some parcels for underpriviledged people, please do not hesitate to contact us.