On 15 November 2015 we decided to organise a litter-picking session in front of our house with some members of our community. Since that day, we have been keeping an eco-friendly promise - our commitment to keep our environment clean and to set an example for those around us.

Rubbish (non)management is a huge problem in India, particularly in rural areas where people are less educated. Not only do the locals not realise the impact of throwing rubbish (especially plastic) everywhere, but also the municipality does not provide adequate rubbish collection services. Road sides, fields, lakes, rivers, etc. are filled with litter that not only is devastating for the environment, but also spoils such a beautiful landscape! The lake in front of our house and behind the most ancient of Khajuraho's temples, the Brahma Temple, has become a rubbish bin, in which our neighbours still fish and grow water nuts for the community to eat. The garden around the Vamana Temple works as a landfill for the village population.

This is why today we keep a dustbin in front of our house and have a sign with an educational poster in Hindi on one side and in English on the other.


Our objectives are:

  • To organising regular litter-picking sessions with local children and/or adults, in particular those involved with The Different School and the Cloth Bag Project.

  • To provide an example for our community, so that with time we will inspire more of our neighbours to care for their environment.

  • To educate our neighbours about how litter damages our world, from the large-scale environmental reasons to the local economic effects on our tourist industry.

  • To put pressure on the local authorities and municipality, for example to provide dustbins and organise adequate rubbish collection.

  • The Old Village is an important part of the city's cultural heritage and history, and as such it should be valued and preserved. We hope that our actions will have a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the life of our community, inspiring curiosity and a desire for change within the village.

    Below are a few photos from our very first litter-picking session.



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