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We are always looking for volunteer teachers at The Different School, for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 3 or 4 months, between August and April. Please specify when you would be interested to work on our application form. If you are multi-talented, you are welcome to apply for more than one teaching opportunities!

1) Art, painting & drawing teacher
2) Music teacher
3) English teacher

f you are interested in teaching any other artistic and creative discipline to children, please contact us as well!

Before you apply please check out our Different School section for more information.

1) Art, painting & drawing teacher

Class details:

  • Pupils aged between 4 & 14 years, possibly divided in 2 groups (4-9 years & 10-14 years).
  • Classes to be held 3-4 times a week - one group in the morning, 1 group in the afternoon.
  • We don't yet have any children enrolled on this class as we did not find a teacher for September-December 2017, but we will inform our community about it to find pupils when we have found a teacher.

  • Tasks:

  • To awaken the artistic potential of your pupils, focusing on self-expression rather than copying.
  • To have fun with the children.
  • Be creative: you will have to work with limited resources.
  • That's it! You are free to work on any artistic discipline you wish, painting, drawing etc.

  • Requirements:

  • To have a good command of English & good communication skills.
  • Art degree a plus!
  • Experience of teaching a plus!
  • Flexibility & adaptability in new environments.
  • Experience of working with children.

  • 2) Music teacher

    Class details:

  • Pupils aged 10-15; most of them can't sing in tune although they usually have a good sense of rhythm. We will find younger children as well if the applicant wants to teach younger kids.
  • Classes held 3 times a week in the afternoon.
  • According to the number of pupils attending the class and if the applicant so wish, we can split the class into two smaller groups.
  • Instruments available are an small old keyboard, a violin, a dholak and some other small percussions.

  • Tasks:

  • The aim of this class is to awaken the children to music, in any way.
  • Have creative fun with the children!
  • It's great if you have your own teaching methods, although you will probably have to adapt them or create new ones for your pupils and work with limited resources.

  • Requirements:

  • At least an intermediate level of English.
  • Flexibility & adaptability in new environments.
  • Experience of teaching music to children.
  • Musical degree a plus!

  • 3) English teacher

    Class details:

  • Pupils aged 5 and above who don't read and write English yet or at all.
  • Classes held 3 times a week in the afternoon.
  • According to the number and the levels of pupils attending the class, and if you so wish, we can split the class into two smaller groups.

  • Tasks:

  • Teach the alphabet & how to read and write English to the children.
  • Teach basic vocabulary such as colours, animals, parts of the body, elements of daily life etc.
  • Focus more on simple phrase repetition than grammar, as your pupils will be young.
  • Be fun! Children here don't associate fun and learning, and schools are very hierarchical, so it will be new for them.
  • Be creative - it's great if you have your own teaching methods, although you will probably have to adapt them or create new ones for your pupils and work with limited resources.

  • Requirements:

  • At least an intermediate level of English.
  • Flexibility & adaptability in new environments.
  • Experience of working with children.
  • Teaching experience a plus!
  • English teacher training certificate a plus!


    Staying at our homestay

    You can stay with us at our homestay, but if you so wish please make sure you book well in advance, so that we can make sure not to have any other bookings at the time you want to volunteer. Please note that we only have 2 rooms (single or double) to rent.

    We will charge you a special price of 15000 rupees (€200) per month including meals or 10000 rupees (€150) excluding meals for a single room, and 21000 rupees (€280) per month including meals or 15000 rupees (€200) per month excluding meals for a double room.

    Please visit our homestay website for more information about staying with us.

    Staying in a flat

    Monthly rent will cost from 7000 to 10000 rupees (€90 - €150), and we will help you find a flat in your budget.

    Of course you may also have to buy more equipment such as kitchen utensils, bed sheets etc.

    Staying in a hotel

    If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we will help you get a good price in a pleasant hotel according to your budget.

    You can expect to find a room for 300 rupees (€4) per day if you stay in Khajuraho for a month or more.

    Hotels can be found 10-15 minutes walk away from our place so it will be convenient to walk to your work.

    Of course there are more expensive hotels as well!


    If you stay at our homestay and choose to share our food, please note that we are strictly vegetarians and do not cook eggs at home. If you choose to stay with us but prefer to cook for yourself, we have a kitchen available for guests downstairs.

    If you cook for yourself you can eat from 300 rupees / €4 (local produces) to 800 rupees / €11 (if you buy imported, more expensive foods such as cheese, butter etc.) per day.

    If you stay in a hotel you can eat reasonably for up to 800-1000 rupees (€11-15) per day, with an average budget of about 350 rupees per meal (a bit less for breakfast).

    There are restaurants all over the city centre and within walking distance from our home.

    Monthly budget

    If you stay at our homestay and decide to eat with us, you can plan a monthly budget of 15000 rupees (€200), or 10500 rupees (€150) if you share a room with another volunteer.

    If you stay in a flat and/or if you cook yourself, your monthly budget may range from 16000 (€210) to 30000 rupees (€380) according to your lifestyle.

    If you stay in a hotel and eat out, you can plan a monthly budget of 35000-40000 rupees (€450-515).

    Of course, this is an estimation. Shopping, travel and any other expenses will come on top of that!

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    Basically, we will make sure you are happy and comfortable while you volunteer with us!

  • We will reply to your queries before and after you arrive in Khajuraho, and help you plan for your stay.

  • We will pick you up from the Khajuraho station or airport when you arrive.

  • We will guide and support you throughout your volunteer experience, making sure yours is a good one.

  • If you want to learn basic Hindi, Vio will be running classes for our volunteers (we will discuss class price once you're here according to the number of participants).

  • Material you need for your classes will be covered by the association provided you are reasonable. Please note that Khajuraho is a small town in which we do not find much. You will be able to shop in Chhatarpur, the big city of the district an hour away from Khajuraho, but it may be worth bringing some material from your own country (especially for art, drawing & paiting material).

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  • One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic Kama Sutra sculptures.

  • As a small town, Khajuraho is very pleasant, as it is not very affected by road traffic. It is a lovely and peaceful place to visit, especially after travelling through busy, noisy Indian cities for a long time.

  • Some breathtaking, extended landscapes surround the town, and it is nice to go sightseeing on rented bicycles.

  • Khajuraho is surrounded by many small villages which will give you great insight into rural India, making you travel back centuries and ponder about your modern lifestyle!
  • About 20-40 kilometres away from Khajuraho, you will also fall some amazing water falls (Raneh Falls and Pandav Falls), the river Ken, Panna National Park etc. for some beautiful things to visit at the weekend.

  • Khajuraho has many local artists, and in your spare time you will be able to take classes in disciplines such as wood carving, stone carving, painting, as well as Indian classical music: harmonium, vocal, tabla, Kathak dance and violin.

  • Khajuraho hosts the world- famous Khajuraho Dance Festival which lasts for a week at the end of February.

  • Visit our homestay's website to find out what else you can see & do in and around Khajuraho.

  • ~

  • Khajuraho has an airport so you can easily travel to Delhi, Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) or Varanasi (Banaras) for a weekend.

  • Khajuraho is also close to picturesque Orchha, Gwalior and its fort and "mini-Varanasi" Chitrakut, and it is well connected by train to Rajasthan and other part of the country.

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    About living in India

    Although India is incredible and we will do all we can to make your experience a good one, it can be a difficult or challenging country to live in, so it is wise to go through these words before applying for a volunteer experience.

    The main thing is that India demands maturity and awareness. India does not leave anyone indifferent, and it can be highly disturbing at times. India gives life lessons which you will have to open your heart to if you want your experience to be positive. This being said, you will probably have an amazing time and go back home a better person!

    In Khajuraho, and especially in the old village where you will be working, people are extremely traditional and conventional. You will have to respect this and be culturally aware. Especially if you are a woman, we recommend you to read this carefully.

    About volunteering

    You will have to discard any preconceived ideas and be prepared to adapt yourself to a new environment and to the people you work with.

    As you will work in a respected position for the local people, it is important that you behave in a respectful behaviour in their eyes. This includes appropriate dress, especially for women, no smoking or drinking in front of the community, respecting their codes of conduct - for instance removing shoes before entering the classroom or anybody's house or a temple, etc.


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    If you would like to apply for a volunteer opportunity with us, please download our volunteer candidate information form, fill it and scan it back to us at friends.in.khajuraho (at) gmail.com.

    Once you have applied we will contact you shortly to conduct a Skype or WhatsApp interview. Nothing formal, but we need to get to know you before you travel miles for a long and intense experience!

    If you have any queries before applying, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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